What is the Shield House?

If you have visited San Francisco or even just visited a webpage of San Francisco hotspots, you have likely com across the world-famous House of Shields—the self-proclaimed “last remaining drinking establishment for adults in San Francisco.” They do not have televisions. They do not have clocks. This time machine of a bar serves some of the most classic American dishes and cocktails available in the greater Bay Area. To be frank, we’re huge fans. The thing is we don’t get to visit San Francisco very often. So we’ve gone about looking for and trying to recreate a similar vibe in our locations.

Enter The Shield House. We’re on the lookout for kindred places in other cities across the country. We’ve also curated some of our favorite early 20th century cocktails and recipes to bring The Shield House experience right to your living room. From Sazerac and dry martinis to leek soup and oysters, from authentic speakeasy locations to trendy bars and restaurants, this is your one-stop site for 1900-1920 Americana.