The Palace Restaurant and Saloon

From time to time, going to a special restaurant or bar might seem like a rewarding experience, especially if you want to take advantage of going somewhere you’ve never been to before. Some of the places you would check out might be either a popular part of a community or someplace more traditional in terms of appearance.

The Palace Restaurant and Saloon is widely considered to be a historical part of what led to the increase of popularity for American bars; it’s a location that many enthusiasts visit solely to experience what makes it iconic on top of already having quite the legacy compared to other bars made around its time. This might give you a new perspective on how far back this bar began.

Since 1877, The Palace has been a center of society, serving as a home for open jobs for people as well as a hub for elections and even serving as a mineral trading place. As time went on, it evolved into the saloon everyone knows it as today. Some of its famous patrons included the likes of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, with the latter being one of the more famous patrons due to his lucky poker game earning him $10K. Sadly, The Palace has burnt down thanks to the Whiskey Row fire, and while the Brunswick Bar was intact thanks to everyone taking it outside, the rest had to be rebuilt. Thankfully, its owner collaborated with another saloon owner as they restore their iconic places back to normal. As a result, The Palace was brought back with a new hotel as well as a Chinese restaurant and a barbershop to go along with it in 1901.

Throughout the years, The Palace would have different kinds of restoration to keep its appearance fresh while still maintaining its iconic look, but you’d be pleased to know how stepping into the location almost feels like going back to the 1800s. Whether you’re paying a visit for a meal and a drink or using it for a massive celebration, The Palace Restaurant and Saloon is a sign that it has a place in representing the longevity of the best bars in America.