The Ladies Room

This bar goes by the name ‘The Ladies Room’, but don’t let that throw you off, fellas. I still gotcha? Good. If you’re looking for a cozy spot to kick back and sample some of the finest sipping spirits in Chicago then you’re on the right track. This is a laid back, intimate bar with a current of class coursing through it.

The interior is stunning. Totally intimate, totally luxurious. It takes me back in time to the roaring days of the speakeasy, where you kept your trusted friends close and your drinks “just between us girls”. But The Ladies Room clearly values one thing above all else, and that’s FLAVOR.

The Ladies Room is part of the Fat Rice family, which boasts a restaurant, a bakery, and this reservations-only bar. Maybe it’s thanks to these flavor-minded neighbors that there’s no lack of experimentation when it comes to the cocktails. Even the presentation is unique. All of the drinks have an original name. If you order The Evening Post, you’d be greeted with a medley of champagne, absinthe, honey, and lime. Ahhhh. That drink could make you feel real sophisticated.

On the other hand, some of them might make you feel like a loon. Yes, mezcal, vermouth, and são jorge cheese rind sounds as intriguing as it is delicious, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to ask the barkeep for “Sexy Aliens on Spring Break” with a straight face. On the other other hand, cutting a bit loose might be the point.

The name suggests privacy, but the kind of privacy that you take with friends. Let’s all kick off our heels, so to speak, and ignore the rest of the party for a minute. The Ladies Room is a charming oasis that serves as a respite from the bustle of other nightlife scenes.

Rare it is that a place can take so many bold moves – flaming drinks and hot pepper spirits, anyone? – without turning the whole joint into one big gimmick. Maybe it’s the menu and the staff, or maybe it’s just the regulars that hang out here whenever they can, but this bar feels authentic and very rich in a special something.