The Buckhorn Exchange

The Buckhorn Exchange, established in Denver, Colorado in 1893 is a landmark steakhouse that serves up a taste of history alongside its delicious fare. Situated in Downtown Denver, The Buckhorn Exchange is the city’s oldest restaurant. Founded by Henry H. Zeitz, a local and one of the Old West’s most colorful characters, Zeitz was known to run in the same circles as figures like “Buffalo Bill” and Chief Sitting Bull, both of whom figure prominently into the atmosphere of The Buckhorn.

From the establishment’s opening in 1893, The Buckhorn has kept the spirit of the Old West alive. Historically, the restaurant attracted the business of the cattlemen, miners, silver barons and railroad-men who built the West. And although the clientele may look different today, the stories of those folks are alive at the restaurant. President Roosevelt even feasted at The Buckhorn! In fact, photos and the engine flag of Roosevelt’s Presidential Express train, which he traveled to Denver upon, adorn the establishment. Included among these artifacts are hundreds of other pristine memorabilia like a rare game collection, a 125-piece gun collection, and an antique white-oak bar made in Germany in 1857.

So what’s for dinner?

In the mood for authentic Old West fare? Look no further than The Buckhorn Exchange. In true Wild West fashion, you might whet your appetite with starters like mouth-watering Rock Mountain Oysters, Fried Alligator Tail, or Rattlesnake. But be sure to leave room for the biggest and juiciest steaks your carnivorous bellies can imagine. And if you’re dining with a group, you’ve just gotta try The Big Steak, the specialty oversized steaks intended to feed up to five people! The lawlessness of the Old West is certainly afoot on The Buckhorn’s menu which also offers selections of elk, quail, duck, and buffalo.

One of America’s Best Historic Restaurants

The Buckhorn Exchange delivers in history and cuisine. Curated like a museum of Old West antiquities, The Buckhorn Exchange truly evokes memories of Western yesteryear. Laden with history, charm, and even a bit of lore, The Buckhorn Exchange is a must-see institution of Colorado history.